About US

Miguel Cabrita - Co-founder

Miguel, although born in Lisbon, grew up in the Algarve, graduated in Management and was soon able to do business with active participation in some Algarve companies, during his University he accepted the position of commercial assistant of an Algarve company in which he ascended to the marketing manager of the same company.  Having a taste for human capital management he accepted the invitation to become Human Resources Director of a 5-star Resort. He moved to the United Kingdom where he continued his professional career in the hotel sector. He returned to Portugal in 2014 with the focus on private investment. Meticulous and focused on success quickly became aware of the existing gap in the Algarve region. "It is estimated that around 70% of the economic activity of the Algarve comes from service companies and that is what we are good at, we are good at being able to provide tourists with the most memorable experiences of their vacations," he adds.  In the promotion and dissemination of what can be sold in the Algarve, then Myexperiences appears in order to eliminate these gaps. " Enthusiast by unique experiences, by extreme sports and good food is in the trips that absorb knowledge. Recently returned from a memorable experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he settled there and brought along with Renata Pereira, the online platform My experiences.pt,  behind My experiences Miguel takes on the role of financial manager, marketing and sales director and advertising and contracts manager.

Renata Pereira - Co-founder

Its origins go back to the lands of Minho, North of Portugal, however, it grew and studied in the beautiful region of the Algarve. With an eye to fashion and new trends, she graduated on one of the most prestigious hairdressing schools. The entrepreneurial vein throbbed and quickly took the risky step and opened its first hall in Lagoa, his hometown. Her high level of professionalism coupled with her audacity and focus has led her to now own 2 hairdressing salons. Marketing and business spoke louder and the desire for continuity in entrepreneurship continued to manifest itself and joins Miguel Cabrita in the Myexperiences project. According to Renata, "The Algarve handles around 5 to 6 million tourists per year, a very high number and with so much potential for development and growth. Since 2007 there has been an increase in the creation of companies in the area Of tourism, is a growing business area. We are Algarve, we are good at what we do, everything we do so that whoever visits us has the best stay and memories for all time. " Fascinated equally by good food, good adventure experiences, passionate about fashion and for what the Algarve has to give, she knows that the Algarve is the "gateway" to tourists and all she wants is to show that her land has much but very much to offer.  "Come and visit the Algarve!" Behind Myexperiences, Renata assumes the role of commercial, administration and advertising manager (Social Networks).

Pedro Medeiros - Co-founder

My story is one of hundreds of thousands of stories across Portugal. We all have different backgrounds, first and last names, interests, journeys, and goals; however, we all have at least one thing in common: we are all Dreamers in experiences. Pedro actually lives in Abu Dhabi, was born in Alentejo but has a passion  for the region  popularized by the high standard of tourist developments, the blue beaches, the temperate climate, and the award-winning golf resorts, is nowadays much more than that - it is one of the most desirable places in the world to settle down.


The Myexperiences was developed with the aim of being able to provide to those who visit us, the best experiences ever and  the most unforgettable memories of this beautiful region. We have much more than sun and sea and you can check this by accessing our sales platform www.myexperiences.pt.

We have a diverse range of experiences to think about ... Have you ever imagined jumping by plane? Or to fly over the Algarve by an hot air balloon? If you are one of the most adventurous you will love the fantastic buggy safari experiences, if you prefer track roads the "Algarve Internacional do Algarve" is waiting for you where you can try karting or even the most wanted luxury cars. But if you like the sea, we offer fantastic boat services such as visiting the famous Algarve sea caves, you can experience a fantastic sunset aboard a sailboat, or even rent a yacht!

Take your family to our water parks, or simply treat yourself to a SPA.

All we want is to make you feel the Algarve in its true sense of the word.

Myexperiences - Experience your Life!