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Myexperiences presents, in this area, some answers to questions that frequently are asked. So, therefore we will try to answer those questions. regret and if, in any way, you do not see your doubts clarified with this information, Myexperiences is available to receive your contact and clarify what you are looking for. Please feel free to send us your questions to: info@myexperiences.pt. We promise to give you an answer as soon as possible.

» Where can we buy the vouchers of Myexperiences?

The gift voucher experience of Myexperiences can be only acquired  on the online website www.myexperiences.pt

» How to buy the vouchers?

The gift voucher experience of Myexperiences can be purchased on the platform after completion of registration in the same or logged. After performing the Login, you should be selected the experiences to enjoy and follow the terms normal for your due payment and consequent production of gift voucher experience that confers the right to make use of the same.

» What are the methods of payment accepted?

The only method accepted at the moment is Paypal

» where we can spend the gift voucher?

The voucher is issued on the experience previously selected by the customer and may not be carried over to the enjoyment of other experiences without the consent of Myexperiences and under supervision and provided for reading the "Terms and Conditions" Myexperiences.

» They offered me a Gift Card how do i use it/spend the value in credit?

The Gift Card is a gift card, loaded with certain money in credit for your enjoyment, as this should simply register on our platform and acquire the experience that suits you, then the Gift Card will be downloaded to discount the balance

» There is balance of my Gift Card, what do i do now?

If you purchased an experience and your Gift Card still has credit can spend it in full discounting in the enjoyment of a next experience.

» What is the validity of my voucher?

Each voucher has a certain validity defined by the partner provider of the experience in question and previously evidenced in the online catalog of experiences of Myexperiences.

» My experience voucher expired so what now?

An expiry of the voucher, the customer loses the right to make use of it. As you can check by exposed to reading, constant in "Terms and Conditions" Myexperiences can not be delegated to the Myexperiences any kind of responsibility on this matter and cannot be attributed to the same obligation to refund the amount spent.

» I lost/stolen my gift voucher experience what can I do?

Once stolen or lost the gift voucher experience of Myexperiences, shall promptly be communicated this to the Myexperiences in order to investigate the situation and confer the right to immediate blocking of the voucher so that it cannot be used by third parts fraudulently. The Myexperiences reserves as well in the right to question the registered customer and ascertain the truth of the facts. Being communicated "loss" or "stealing" The Myexperiences the same will contact the Partner responsible for providing the experience in question and only and may only be amended to make the experience the customer that purchased the voucher and that is registered on the platform Myexperiences, upon presentation to the partner, your proof of valid identity card. The customer may request from Myexperiences sending the voucher in question or you can consult and download the document via e-mail address to which the Myexperiences sent the voucher in the first instance.

» Do I have to take into consideration something especially in order to enjoy my experience?

Yes, you should always consult all the advertise of your  experience and even you voucher. Some experiences require specific clothing or even physical requirements such as weight or height.

» I didn't like the experience, what should I do? How can I communicate my displeasure?

The Myexperiences want to always know the reasons of your satisfaction, we give more importance on the bad feedbacks so we ask that you inform us of abou the reasons for your insatisfaction for our e-mail: Info@myexperiences.pt

» I loved the experience, how can I thank and communicate my pleasure?

It is motivating for us as well as for the partners to know that everything went well with the experience and would probably recommend it to others. So, we ask that you leave your feedback on our facebook page as well as the one of the partner responsible for carrying out the experiment. Your words can motivate others, help us if you like your experience.

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