Terms & Conditions

1. General Information

a) The Myexperiences - represented by Miguel Ângelo Coelho Sousa Cabrita, individual name and Fiscal Number  257 938 192, with an office in Rua Dª. Maria. Eugénia Júdice Dias Ferreira, Lote 9 1º Direito- Lagoa, Algarve, (henceforth "ME") advertises and promotes, through its catalog, numerous experiences, which can be enjoyed by legitimate bearers of checks experience, (hanceforth "Client").

b) the checks mentioned experience take the form of gift voucher online, marketed in www.myexperiences.pt, (hanceforth"SITE")  and can enjoy the experience marketable, solely and exclusively in the Algarve - the area of operation of the AE.

c) The experiences made available and promoted by the site include a multitude of products and services, in constant modification and updating.

d) The experiences made available and promoted by the SITE is organized, conducted and produced, supplied and made available by third parties, suppliers capable and skilled, partners of the ME, on the terms set out in the partnership agreements have been concluded between them and the ME, through "Partnership".

e) The ME acts on behalf and for the account of the listed suppliers, while mere intermediary between the "Customer" a check experience and the suppliers of their experiences, being such a situation expressly indicated on the check experience, or on the site itself in the detail of each vendor selling vouchers for the enjoyment of the experience and gift cards with credit to use (hanceforth "Gift Cards").

f) The traveller experience are considered valid after the good payment of same, making proof of payment for the respective proof of payment. 

g) If the "ME" to detect signs of fraud or misuse of vouchers of the experiences or "Gift Cards", reserves the right to suspend them unilaterally to its clarification or extra-judicial proceedings.

h) any acquisition of a check experience acquired in the "Site", implies acceptance without reservation by clients, of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as its full membership and integral to their conditions, which shall prevail over any other document of customers. The acquisition of a check experience in platform implies the clear knowledge and explicit of all the constraints associated with particular experience. 

2. Experiences in promotion

a) All products and experiences that present conditions of promotional acquisition mentioned in the site are limited to restrictions and special conditions specifically stated therein.

3. Vouchers Experience - Validity

a) The vouchers have a validity expressed in them, having the experience to perform within the time limit, under penalty of loss is irrevocable rights conferred by the same.

b) within the period of validity their and above, the vouchers serve as means of payment of selected experience 

c)) The ME may, in exceptional cases, such as inability of the partner providing the experience for reasons adverse atmospheric and/or another to examine the possibility to extend the period of validity of a voucher through a pre from its customer with the customer service of the ME via email to the info@myexperiences.pt

d) does not carry out exchanges and/ or returns of checks experience relating to events with fixed date, as for example shows, concerts and similar activities. The NO SHOW means the cancellation of the voucher. The same being non refundable, there will be no possibility of extension of validity expressly indicated in the conditions of the campaign in the voucher.

4. Vouchers  - Purchase/Booking and scheduling for experiments

a) The marking of the experience selected by the holder of the check experience must be made directly with the relevant supplier, partner of ME, responsible for providing the same, with some advance in relation to the desired date. Without prejudice to the provisions in the preceding paragraph, the holders of vouchers can contact the ME - through the email address info@myexperiences.pt - for any clarifications.

b) The markings shall be deemed valid and definitive for agreement with the trade policy relevant for suppliers of selected experiences, particularly when the carrier receives confirmation of services by such suppliers, via telephone or e-mail .

c) on the day of the experience the holder of the voucher should present the same as a means of payment to the supplier responsible for organization. The holder of the voucher should appear at the place and date stamped with the advance imposed by Partner supplier of experience unless other indications to the contrary which are supplied by Myexperiences.

d) The experiences to be supplied or provided by a supplier have a limited capacity to respond, with your booking subject to this constraint. If the "clients" of the vouchers experience difficulties in these reserves should contact the ME, who will do everything to find a way to get in touch with the partner destination or in last place a similar experience alternative.

e) the obligation of the invoice issue - a receipt for the experience paid in part, falls on the partner which deliver and deliver the same to the customer who holds the gift voucher experience. The responsibility for issuing the invoice - receipt is always on the supplier

f) The vouchers online can be accessed via the login in the reserved area of the customer in "Site", experiences divulgadass or promoted by ME - entered in the online catalog of experiences of "Site".

5. Experience Vouchers - cancellation and no-shows "no-shows" of marking and conducting experiments

a) If the holder of the voucher you wish to cancel or change your appointment, it may do so, on an exclusive basis, with the supplier of the experience concerned and in accordance with its commercial policy, not having the "ME" responsibility in this matter.

b) The cancellation that is not conducted in accordance with the foregoing subparagraphs shall not be made and lead to loss of rights inherent to check experience in question, particularly as the new markup.

c) Without prejudice of all cancellations and/or remarcações may only be made directly from suppliers of experiences, customers may use the services of the ME for advice and information, which, although not having any responsibility in matters relating to this matter, develop investigations with a view to reaching an agreement between the parties.

d) once the reservation has been made, if the customer does not appear on the date, hour and place marked without a cancellation or amendment in accordance with above described, you lose all rights inherent to this gift voucher experience, including the right to a new appointment.

6. Suppliers, Location, Description and duration of experiences and Transport

a) The network of suppliers, partners of the ME is diverse throughout the Algarve region, being constantly in change and growth. 

b) Without prejudice to the provisions in the preceding paragraph, if the ME if you see in the obligation to withdraw from its catalog of experiences somewhere, vendor, or the experience itself, this unavailability will not involve the return of the check experience nor the reimbursement from the customer, giving the right to replace the experience withdrawal by another of the same quality and price equivalent.

c) The description of each experience, albeit in an abbreviated form, shown in the catalog exixtente ON SITE. These descriptions may change without notice (in particular as regards the duration, constraints and characteristics of services included, among others), and its implementation subject exclusively to availability and conditions imposed by the suppliers, partners of Myexperiences who will be responsible for the same.

d) The photos and/or videos of the experiences listed on the site are the responsibility of the supplier of that same experience.

e) the duration of the experiments is referred to as approximate and is purely indicative. Unless otherwise specified, each experience will be held in conjunction with others, which may lead to waiting times for variables for which the ME is totally alien.

f) The experiences - unless indicated otherwise, particularly in the light of its own nature - do not include transportation, lodging and meals and relate solely and exclusively what they proclaim to provide.

g) Notwithstanding the above provisions, all information provided by the ME about the experiences are purely indicative and are not binding, being responsible for all the information on the experiences and by all the circumstances relating to their preparation, realization and use exclusively from suppliers of the same, and the ME be liable for any such question.

7. Restrictions

a) The experiences may involve the checking of certain conditions and requirements concerning the person(s) to which they have, such as the minimum age,height minima/maximum weight, state of health, good physical condition or psychological or other requirements.

b) Restrictions of ce are stipulated by each supplier, with the same reserve management, and customer information of vouchers experience the dates on which it is not possible to accept markings.

c) When possible, such restrictions shall be indicated on the site, although responsibility for the information of such conditions to fit in to the exclusive supplier of experience and not to ME.

d) All cases of some physical and/or mental health by the customer shall be expressly referred to the suppliers of experiences at the time of appointment or to the Æ if this is contacted for this plan, under penalty of any impossibility of carrying out of the experience.

8. Weather conditions and unforeseen technicians

a) The achievement/provision of certain experiences may be dependent on the verification of regular weather conditions. In these cases, the client should request all the information they need from suppliers of these experiences, at the time of appointment in order to avoid any cancellations or desmarcações.

b) In case of contact with the ME, this will provide the customer with the information that you have at your disposal and will assist in the establishment of the contact between the customer and the supplier of the experiences.

c) If any experience is canceled due to weather conditions, the customer should request information from the supplier of the same, namely to make a new mark, which will always be subject to the validity of the respective voucher and the weather conditions of the day scheduled, as well as to other conditions of liability of suppliers.

d) If the customer incurs an expense, loss or damage arising from a cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events and circumstances prevent the completion of the experiment, the ME may not be held liable, in whatever form, for such expenses, loss or damage and, in particular, by the granting of same, and such matter be treated exclusively directly with the suppliers of experience.

e) Any matter relating to the non-performance of any experience on the scheduled date for the purpose, whatever the cause, must be resolved and settled among suppliers of experiences, and may not be assacada to ME any responsibility in this matter - without prejudice to all the support we provide, as a mediator between the customer and suppliers.

9. Vouchers experience - Refunds and Returns

a) In the case of non-use, loss, theft or destruction of the voucher experience, Customer may not claim any compensation or the use of the same. 

10. Right to free resolution

a) In the case of buying experiences firm in www.myexperiences.pt, platform the customer , in accordance with subparagraph (k) of Article 17(1), number 1 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February, does not have the right to free contract, by which the applicable fare will not be refunded.

11. Safe

a) The risks inherent to the provision/experiments, in accordance with the declared to ME by all suppliers of experiences, are covered by insurance in the amounts required by law, hired by themselves.

b) The existence of insurance sobreditos does not affect the obligation to customers ensure, expressly and under their sole responsibility, that have all the physical conditions and disorders for experiments.

c) customers must comply strictly with all rules of prudence linked to the achievement of the experiences, especially in the sporting activities considered motorized in category " Driving experiences" and in the activities considered in the category "Adventure experiences", and follow all the instructions, rules and directions that are provided by suppliers of experiences, being that the holding of the same will always be the acceptance of all risks inherent by usufruentes.

12. Responsibility of Algarvexperiences

a) THE ME is an agency commission agent, with activity recorded, being licensed for the sale of all activities listed in your catalog.

b) The ME promotes the services from multiple vendors, partners, acting as an intermediary between those suppliers and the holders of vouchers experience. The ME will not act as a supplier, organizing or providing the experiences enjoyed or used by customers.

c) in his capacity as an intermediary, the ME cannot be held responsible for any matter relating to the organization, implementation, production, supply and provision of experiences, with their marking and/or cancellation or postponement, to cases of non-execution or a bad execution of same, as well as to all other events or consequences related, directly or indirectly, with the provision of experiences - without prejudice to the continuation of the ME, all efforts of intermediary between customers and the corresponding appropriate suppliers to establish consensus and to the satisfaction of the legitimate interests of all parties involved.

13. Suggestions and Complaints

Your opinion is important for the ME. If you have a suggestion or complaint does not miss the present, because this is total importance to the improvement of our services. Contact us for info@myexperiences.pt.

14. Intellectual Property

The ME is the exclusive holder of industrial and intellectual property rights related to the checks experience and Gift Cards or other - and with the content and presentation of its catalog of experiences. No order can be interpreted as operating any transfer of ownership rights over the rights of ownership to customers for patients or to any third part.

15. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a check experience marketed and/or publicised by ME, the carriers and, in general, all clients of the ME expressly declare that they have been adequately communicated these Terms and Conditions, more declare to have taken perfect and complete knowledge and have fully understood all of its contents, conditions and implications, stating also accept, without any reservations, these terms and conditions in its fullness.