Zoomarine - Senior Ticket 2 days

Discover all that the best family theme park in the Algarve has to offer, explore a world of magic and fun, full of unforgettable moments.


EN 125, KM 65, Guia,
8201-864, Albufeira

Located in Guia, a few kilometres from Albufeira, at the very heart of the Algarve, Zoomarine extends over an area exceeding 18 hectares, where visitors with a single ticket can access a wide area of leisude, entertainment and education. Unique sensations on a journey through a world of knowledge and adventure where adults and children discover the mysteries of marine life in a day full of surprises and emotions. The presentations with dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical birds of prey seeks to present to the visitor the diferent species, showing their natural and trained behaviours, their characteristics, the relationship of affection they develop with their trainers and, above of all, instil to the visitors and ecological awareness, more and more important nowadays. Marine invertebrates and fish are found at the aquarium - "Oceanus", an area dedicater to Zoomarine aquariology where you can meet more than 20 aquatic ecosystems and the incredible sharks. The biological richness of aquatic life is present in the various habitats scattered throughout the park.
In addition to the zoological areas, Zoomarine offers a wide range of entertainment equipment and extensive leisure areas. Summer Shows, Rapid River, Harakiri, Buffalo, Pirat, Atlantida, 4D Cinema and swimming pools, are just some of the family attractions that are discovered as you go exploring the park, providing new and exciting experience every time. Zoomarine Beach provides moments of aquatic fun for children and grownups alike, is a wave beach with salt water surrounded by sand and fantastic water slides.
Zoomarine has a wide range of complementary services developed to meet all the needs od its visitors. The service quality and variety of proposals from several restaurants, shops and other services, are the ideal complement to a day spent in confort and commodity.

By purchasing the 2-Day ticket, you must obtain your bracelet for the 2nd day inside the park on your first day of your visit.  The “2nd Day Entrance” is valid up to 10 days after the 1st visit. Access to the park on the 2nd day is done with a bracelet, that is personal and non-transmissable. If the bracelet is not presented or has in any way been tampered with access to the park will not be granted.  After leaving the park, you cannot purchase the "2nd Day Entrance".

It is necessary to communicate the specific date for entry into the park to Myexperiences, your will receive an e-mail with all the procedures once the purchase is completed.